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Have some vibration from gimbal motor. The picture of the Storm32 BGC controller board is of a v1. Great gimbal for the money! Especially a wiring diagram to control pitch. Hard to explain here without posting a picture. How to a format the programme?

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About our company Contact us Privacy policy. Add the ease of use the cost,and you have a winner! Play with the Naza Assistant for your Phantom.

I had to use 2.

Seems stable when I tilt it in every direction. Log in or Register. Missing the instruction manual, it is necessary to search the net to understand the details.

The parcel came well packedged, the gimbal in a hard paper box with foam. Io non sono per nulla esperto e ho capito subito come funziona. Not a genuine board so it’s not easy to change parameters. Hard to explain here without posting a picture.


3 axis gimbal –

I then tried the button “reset to defaults”. General knows how to use it – Ownership: On one middle-age Firmware Version 2.

Not sure if Goodluckbuy offers price protection Socket on pcb not soldered on. Nessun foglio illustrativo e meno che meno nessuna istruzione. Inspection showed that the PCB has five pins but the cable only has four.

Order tracking Shipping notice Site Products Tags.

DJI Phantom Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/ Motor & Controller for Gopro3 FPV Aerial Photography

Well worth the money. Order tracking Shipping notice Site Products Tags. Log in or Register.

Gimball was not complete: Control the TILT is possible! Expert understands the inner workings General knows how to use it Novice still getting used to it. A goodlckbuy Open Source product with lots of software support.

Cheap specially with the discount A little bit heavy. Worked wonders with my Mobius Action Cam – others have complained the it jitters and jerks – unless you add even goidluckbuy small weight like the Mobius it will do that.


This is my second one, and I’m very happy with it. Comes with plug for 3s battery. There was a problem with the order and they responded very politely a half hour after Goodluckbjy stated the issue in an email.

brushless gimbal –

Plug in and Fly. Make a users manual. If you don’t understand let someone who knows at least how to install the driver and GUI software set it up for you.

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