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The choice here isn’t even for the true media type, but rather a selection to determine how much sharpening is applied. Do reds stay red or do they become orange-ish? In other words, it may be necessary to optimize the color for the specific printer or paper that you are working with. Set the print quality to dpi for matte papers, dpi for photo papers. In PS 12 and earlier, all black-and-white printing profiles are available in the print dialog dropdown allowing PS to manage color. This may or may not be the problem. Optional I recommend clicking on the Save Settings

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Overall my favorite, so I agree with the recommendations.

Epson Step-By-Step Printing Workflow

I’ve used the following abbreviations: Choose the appropriate Media Type for your paper: Let’s say you want to print using a custom profile e.

I have seen the results from other Epson models that possess this newer tech like the R and found them superior to what the original could produce on Photo Black-compatible papers, particularly in saturated yellow-green areas and red-magenta areas.

Check that both the appropriate printer e. Here are the settings I use click on the image to see a bigger version. All my profiles are still on my old XP box.

Problems with the Epson Pro 3800 ABW Setting

Pretty good – the lips and background could stand to be just a dash darker, but certainly a usable setting for this image – like the jeans better than Dark. Did you miss your activation email? Note that since the GretagMacbeth and X-Rite companies have recently merged, this colorimeter may now be repackaged under a different name.


The two important notes about this firmware revision are: One question though, above you said: Always clear the Process Job by Printer checkbox.

Epson Stylus Pro Printer Notes and Resources

Using the image of Zena shown aboveI had the following observations with the different Tone values: Fortunately, EEF does not have the “sparkly” or “pebbly” effect of luster papers such as Premium Luster. Optional step, but highly recommended! Let me know if you do post it and I can flag it as well, as well as adding some comments. The ABW mode has great value for people who are into pure black and white, but I’m more of a duo-tone person myself – especially now vs when this article was written – so it’s common for me to print my duo-tone images in color where my toning values would be preserved.

George, Yes they still apply but the R has a little different entry point to the UI. Optional I recommend clicking epsoon the Save Settings Photoshop CS3 and CS4 settings are similar. If you want the image to be centered, make sure the left, right, top, and bottom margin values are all set to the same value e.

Could you try it in your setup and let me know whether you see it in the dropdown? So if you want to keep that Silver Efex toning, then you need to print using “Photoshop Manages Color.


This may automatically change the Color Toning menu to Fine Adjustment — that’s ok. You may need to click on the More Options button first to see this section at all.

I’ve written an article explaining the process and have made my gray curves freely available on this page.

Go to the File menu and choose Print with Preview I may get a commission if you purchase using selected links in this article. Selecting “Print” this then of course takes me to the next printer dialog box in which I confirm printer and presets as standart and then under Prints Settings i select the media type which for this using Hahnemuhle Photo Rag would select Enhanced Matte Paper, under color would select ABW photo, and uncheck the high abd, flip horizontal, and finest detail boxes.

Set the Mode to Custom. If you wish to add color toning to your image e.

The next thing i did was use the Agfa APX Pro film type and boosted the Grain per pixel to eliminate the noise found in that film. There are no image quality changes.

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